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Fit Life

What is Fit Life?

Fit Life is an exclusive 6 week program that combines the benefits of fitness and massage to enable you to enjoy living and experiencing a fitter and healthier life.
Fit Life enables you to experience our excellence in personal training, fitness programs and massage in our safe, friendly and professional environment.

Our fitness coaches will ensure that you are prescribed and guided through appropriate exercises and intensity to assist and support you to reach your fitness goals.

Our massage therapists will work holistically on your musculoskeletal system to reduce muscle tension, treat injuries or problem areas and assist your body to repair damage to muscles, joints and tendons.
Whether your goal is weight loss, increased energy, muscle gain or simply a fitter, leaner, healthier you; we have the skills and passion to assist you to reach your goal.


What our Fit Life program includes:

  1. Personal assessment and program
  2. Personal Training sessions
  3. Group Training – including Pilates & Yoga
  4. Gym membership with program design and support
  5. Massage treatments
  6. Our guaranteed support for your success
  7. Reciprocal rights to both our Fitzroy North and Williamstown Clubs


Call Us Today To Start Your Fit Life!

Fitzroy North- 9486 2822

Williamstown- 9397 8292

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