Fitness Your Way…An Individualised Approach

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For 15 years the Healthy Fit Personal Training Team has been looking after the Fitzroy North community and surrounding areas helping people like you achieve their fitness goals.  

We are a dedicated and approachable team of down-to-earth Personal Fitness Trainers with years of experience helping people like you achieve their best.

When it comes to looking after your fitness and well being, our Fitzroy North Personal Trainers are here to help and support you all the way.

Let us provide you with the tools, motivation, accountability and direction to help you maximise your training results and reach your fitness goals. After all, your health is your wealth and your body the vehicle to carry you through your years.

Your  Personal Trainer will design the right exercise program to suit your goals, abilities and aspirations, keep you moving and looking and feeling great. We will challenge you and keep you safe at all times, supporting your body in its fitness journey and transformation.

Your exercise program will be structured and progressive, and you will receive ongoing motivation, support, and education. 

Leave each session feeling stronger and more confident, knowing that you are achieving your fitness and wellness goals.

Whether you are an exercise newbie or an experienced exerciser looking to get fit, lose weight, get strong, burn fat, build muscle, recover from injury, manage stress, or improve your well being, we have the right Personal Trainer for you

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Who Is Personal Training For:

  • You have specific goals that would benefit from one on one training and expertise.

  • You have injuries or health issues that need, skill and knowledge in exercise prescription and technique

  • You've never exercised before or it's been a long time, and you want to ensure that you are doing it correctly, staying injury free while reaching your fitness goals

  • You prefer a more personal touch with your exercise and want care and attention to progress your fitness and keep you injury free

  • You want variety and a challenge to your exercise program and know that this is essential to progressing your fitness

  • You've been exercising on your own and not reaching the results you want

  • You are serious about reaching your fitness goals within a specific time frame

  • You are feeling unmotivated to exercise and are not achieving your fitness goals on your own

  • You're a busy person who would benefit from having a scheduled appointment for your exercise rather than go it alone

  • You're an experienced exerciser who would benefit from training with a skilled and knowledgeable Personal Trainer who will take your fitness to the next level

  • You’re an exercise newbie who wants to ensure that you are exercising correctly for your goals and abilities

  • You want expertise, knowledge, experience and professionalism to guide you in your fitness journey.


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