Nutrition Coaching
Healthy Fit Nutrition Program

Having the right exercise program is important to your results.  Intensity, exercise programming, consistency are all important to bringing about change.

Yet, without a proper nutritional program, your efforts may not amount to the results you want.

Whether you want to lose weight, build strength or have more energy, knowing how to eat right is essential.

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Our nutrition and lifestyle program will have you in the best shape ever. You will never need to diet again. 

Our program is not a quick fix of lose it and then regain it.  

It is a solid a lifestyle behavioural program that builds sustainable healthy habits. It delivers results that last a lifetime.

We will: 

  • Support you to stay consistent while enjoying life. We do not advocate or support fad diets or restrictive eating plans
  • Teach you strategic nutritional practices that fit your goals & lifestyle. Realistic, supportive behavioural changes that guarantee you success.
  • Get you great results that improve your health, body composition and energy levels
  • Give you feedback, support and help with your nutrition, and keep you accountable


Who is nutrition coaching for?

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Nutrition coaching has positive lifestyle benefits for everyone, particularly if you:

  • Live a busy life
  • Struggle to maintain a healthy approach to food
  • Are not feeling or eating in a way that makes you feel your best
  • Are struggling to get the body you always wanted
  • Start diets, finish diets and restart again...riding the roller coaster of dieting

Over 12 months, we help you improve your nutrition and lifestyle habits. And we do all this within the context of your normal, day to day life. 

No crazy diet, shakes or supplements, no impossible food plans or restrictive approaches. 

We provide you with accountability, support and direction. We help you create sustainable, healthy habits that last a lifetime. 


What others say about the program

“In just 2 months I’ve learned so much about eating healthier and how to make change from the inside”

“You didn’t take ‘No’ for an answer, you made me believe that I can & deserve to be strong and fit”

“Your help and support has been priceless. And the awesome journey with you guys continues…….for a long time I hope!”

Why do we recommend habit-based nutrition coaching?

A habit is a routine behaviour that we are often completely unconscious or unaware of. 

Our habits shape our thoughts and how we live and engage in the world around us. 

Habits can help move us towards our goals or hold us back and limit our opportunities. 

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Creating healthy habits takes conscious effort and action. 

Habit-based coaching will help you:

  • Identify, learn and practice important new skills
  • Integrate and apply your new knowledge and skills so they become automatic - your new normal
  • Develop greater self-awareness and confidence
  • Learn by doing and experiencing

Over the course of the program, you will learn and develop skills to help you to achieve your goal. 

We will teach you to identify obstacles, and develop strategies to overcome them.

Remember, learning new habits takes time - you need to learn, practice and repeat. The more you practice those new skills, the better your results will be. 


Who will be my Coach?

Our two Nutrition Coaches are Kaan Kahraman and Kris Chapman.  Together, they bring a wealth of knowledge, skills and experience to the program. 

Your Coach is with you for the duration of your program.

They will provide guidance, support and feedback on your lessons. They will help you practice and develop your habits. 


So how do I start?

Getting started is easy.  Contact us to book a time to meet 

Nutrition coaching is available as a standalone service. 

For best results, combine it with one or our memberships, personal training or semi-private training services.

Remember – the perfect time is right here, right now so what are you waiting for?