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Voted in the top 3 best places in Melbourne to workout at in 2016 (Urban List) and noted as one of Melbourne's best workout places in 2018 (True Local), Healthy Fit applies a holistic approach to fitness, wellness and nutrition.

We are an independent Fitness Club, your local alternative to big box gyms and fitness chains.

Located in the heart of Fitzroy North, Healthy Fit was established in 2004, and has something to suit the fitness newbie to the experienced fitness enthusiast.

Healthy Fit is a fitness coaching gym where you work with a TEAM of coaches and support staff on hand at all times. Everyone on your team will know your goals and will be able to answer your questions.

You are never a membership number at Healthy Fit. We know that you are a person with your own unique story and individual fitness goals and needs and are here to help you achieve your results in a friendly and welcoming community.

We evolve the programs that we offer constantly so you don’t just walk in and see rows of single joint machines and cardio equipment, but rather you see people working out on the TRX, with battle ropes, kettle bells, sleds, dead balls and with Fitness Coaches.

Our goal is to provide a fully comprehensive fitness service that delivers results to people like you every single time.

Our services are solution and results driven.  Every decision we make is based on one question “will this increase our member’s results.”

We want to give you the best fitness experience possible where you get to work with a team, so for that reason, we employ our Personal Trainers/Coaches as permanent employees… to provide you with consistency in service.

We have many years of experience, working with people from different walks of life with varying goals and needs. Whatever your goal, the Healthy Fit Team is here to help you reach it.

Come be part of a local gym where you get to choose how long you stay due to our no locked in policy.

We promise that your gym will always be clean and fresh.  We want you to enjoy your exercise environment as we value you.


Choose From A Variety Of Fitness & Wellness Options:


We invite you to be part of a personal experience where your results and well-being are our priority.

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