Why Healthy Fit

Located in the heart of Fitzroy North for over 10 years, Healthy Fit has assisted thousands of people make positive improvements to their health and fitness. Building on a strong reputation for success and a culture of welcome, we opened a second gym in Williamstown in 2013, bringing a little Healthy Fit flare to the west.

As a proudly independent fitness club, we provide a local alternative to big box gyms and fitness chains.

We understand that you are unique with your own personal goals and needs, and that exercise may not be something that comes easy for you. You have the desire to be fitter, stronger, lose weight, shred body fat or build muscle however, it can be overwhelming to know where or how to start moving towards your goals.

Our gyms in Fitzroy North and Williamstown offer personal training, semi private training, small group training and gym memberships.

If you’re looking for personal service, friendly, knowledgeable staff and a comfortable space free of crowds, to work out and get fit, Healthy Fit is the fitness club for you. Small enough to be personal and large enough for some seriously good training, we provide a safe, fun and friendly environment for you to get fit.

Our programs are free from locked in contracts and minimum qualifying periods. It’s your choice how long you stay with us.

Remember: a goal without a plan is simply a wish. If you are ready to turn your wish into reality our team is here to make that happen.

testimonials from a small group training session

Our Commitment To You

  1. Your results drive our results, and we take pride in your achievements.
  2. You will work with a TEAM of highly skilled, knowledgeable and experienced fitness coaches.
  3. You are more than just a membership number! At Healthy Fit you are a real person with individual goals and your own unique, personal story.
  4. We will provide you with an initial health consultation, program, ongoing reassessments to keep you motivated and reach your fitness goals
  5. You will train in a clean, friendly and non-threatening environment.


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See What Others Are Saying:

I’ve tried many different gyms and have had varying degrees of success... 

The change was never consistent or sustainable. 

I attended another gym before coming to Healthy Fit. They helped get me into shape and started shifting my mindset into making exercise a lifestyle. However, the biggest issue was that they were just too big.


A friend then recommended Healthy Fit and this place has helped to cement exercise into my routine, while being treated like an human being rather than just a paying robot. 

The group training classes are motivating, challenging, and a lot of fun. 

I get a physical and emotional rush from my experience here. The trainers and the other members all provide nourishment on many levels.

I am the strongest and probably the fittest I’ve ever been, and what’s great about this place is that I feel like I’ve got the support to continue improving each time I’m ready to take the next step.


Each of the trainers brings something different to the mix and they’re all genuinely enthused to be there. 

It’s a fantastic place to train, I love Healthy Fit.
— Leo

It’s now been 4 years since I began my journey of becoming fit and making various lifestyle changes which has resulted in weight loss.


During this time I was a member at a number of other gyms before moving to Fitzroy North a year ago and joining Healthy Fit. 

Healthy Fit is one of the best gyms I have experienced and is really like no other gym. 

Its ethos and business model makes it ahead of the game from an outsider perspective. 

The professional, highly qualified and friendly team always make you feel welcome, have fun but still keep your safety front of mind by ensuring your technique is correct.

I love having the variety of options from small group classes, semi-private personal training and private personal training vs doing my own workout in the gym and nutritional coaching to assist you to eat, move and live better. 

Healthy Fit makes going to the gym as a part of my daily routine super easy (except of course unless it is rest day) – I Love It.

I had already lost quite a lot of weight before joining Healthy Fit, so my focus this year has been about acceptance, consolidation - increasing my strength and endeavouring to gain some definition and off course to continue to lose centimetres. 

I have some small goals I plan to achieve this year with one being Chin Ups. 

Thank you Kaan for sourcing a 16 week chin up program and thank you Eamon for taking me through my paces in our weekly semi private sessions. 

I will reach my goal at the end and then I plan to follow this with weighted chin ups. In the words of David “positive mind - you can do it.


Thank you Team Healthy Fit – I definitely do not want to be at any other gym and would not be where I am now without you.
— Maree

I joined around 5 months ago and have really enjoyed the small group training classes.

All of the trainers have been fantastic- even when I sometimes say- nope- not doing that! Thanks for being patient guys!

They really care about how you go about the exercises and check in to make sure you don’t hurt yourself.

I like the flexibility too and booking via the App makes it easy to manage getting to a class or a training session.
I can work it around my very busy travel and work schedule. My fitness has really improved.

I am stronger and fitter. I have even lost a few kilos.
If you are looking to enjoy exercising then this is the place to come to.

Everyone is lovely- even all my new gym buddies!,
It is very much a family and caters for a diverse age range and is highly personalised- we all have different goals and the staff are really helping me to achieve mine.
— Belinda
I LOVE Being Strong!

My past forays into gyms were somewhat of a roller coaster ride of love and hate! 

However, joining HF 10 years ago changed all that. 

Joining initially to help with work related stress, I was soon told by my GP that whilst I was super healthy on paper, getting dangerously close to 100kg my height/weight ratio put my future health in jeopardy!

Bikini body dreams are history, these days I believe that the best thing I can give myself is a strong, healthy body ensuring that if I ever face any health issues, I’ll be doing so in the best shape possible! 

Gyms are a dime a dozen.

What sets HF apart is the talented training team and community of amazing people who attend.

Even when I’d rather be anywhere but the gym, I go because I actually look forward to working out with my mates - we encourage each other, share a laugh and get the job done - you really couldn’t wish to meet a nicer bunch of people.
— Doris

Last year, when I moved to Fitzroy North, I was desperate to find a gym that’ll let me do what i love best... weight training. 

Most gyms I visited turned me down as soon as they heard the word “weight-lifting”. 

We’re all familiar with those commercial gyms and their lack of training knowledgeable and ridiculous rules around things like Olympic lifting.

So I continued my search and finally found Healthy Fit and as soon as I walked in, I knew I would love this place. 

Staff were welcoming and were encouraging in the way i liked to train. 
The equipment are well looked after and the gym itself is very clean.

What I love best about Healthy Fit is the fact that the gym has a great community feel and the vibe is just fantastic.

The trainers are very knowledgeable, supportive and are happy to help at all times.

All in all, I am so happy with my choice and I recommend it to those who are looking for a fun, friendly, supportive and highly motivated gym.

Thank you Healthy Fit Fitzroy and Sorry if I am Noisy.
— Huss

I have lost almost 23kgs, and over 25cms from my waist. There is still a long way to go…”

“Healthy Fit in Fitzroy has been the best thing for me in a long time. Over the last 20 weeks, Kaan and the team have been a powerhouse to help me get on track. They helped me to set my goals and ensured that I achieved them! 

At the beginning of the year, a new year’s resolution to lose 20kgs, and achieve the goal of getting under 100kgs seemed like an impossible challenge. 

With the guidance, skill, and encouragement of Healthy Fit, after 20 weeks of semi-private personal training with Kaan, I have achieved my goal.

For the first time in more than a decade I look and feel great! 

I looked around many gyms before deciding on Healthy Fit. The gym is clean, always improving on their fit-out, and most importantly for me; not intimidating, like many of my past gyms have been. After years of unused, expensive memberships that sit in my wallet gathering dust, this is the first gym that I have looked forward to going to each week. 

The semi-private personal training sessions have the perfect team spirit of encouragement and friendliness that makes you look forward to each session. 

When it comes down to it, the difference here is they truly care about you and your health and fitness, and will do anything to help you. You really feel like a part of a family.

I would recommend Healthy Fit to anyone and everyone, and I can’t wait to continue my journey with the team Thank you so much for all of your hard work and effort, I really couldn’t have done it without you!
— Robert

Disclaimer: Not all clients come to Healthy Fit to lose weight. Everyone’s goal is different. 

Weight loss of 23kgs in 20kgs is based on a personal experience and will vary from client to client dependent on their goal and body.

I would like to thank Healthy Fit’s Team Williamstown: Brigitte, Kaan, David and Stefano for transforming my whole life into something I couldn’t have imagined in my wildest dreams.

You didn’t take ‘no’ for an answer, you made me believe that I can & deserve to be strong & fit. You have opened my eyes, your positivity and enthusiasm is contagious. Special thanks to you Kaan & the Nutrition program.

In just 2 months I’ve learned so much about eating healthier and how to make the change from the inside. The results so far have astounded me. I can’t wait to see what more is coming. You are my inspiration your help and support has been priceless.

And the awesome journey with you guys continues...for long time I hope. Healthy Fit is the best gift that you can give to yourself.
— Jonna

I just love this place! I had looked at other gyms in the area before joining Healthy Fit and found this to be the best fit for me.

Why? From the moment you walk in you are greeted with a warm welcome by friendly professional staff, great knowledgeable trainers who work as a team, extremely clean space and awesome training facilities.

If you are looking for gym or personal training in the Fitzroy area, you can’t go past Healthy Fit.

This place is great!
— George

I joined Healthy Fit as I wanted a gym that was local for me that offered good times and variety of classes. 

I was recovering from an operation and an illness and felt a long way from healthy and fit. I was also new to the area. 

What I first noticed was the gym is really clean and how friendly everyone is. I was quickly introduced to other class participants and made to feel welcome. 

I have been to my share of gyms over the last 15 years and I am really impressed by the standard of the classes and instructors at Healthy Fit.

Each instructor seemed to know my case and would make changes for me if there were things I would be uncomfortable doing without me needing to explain. And each class was challenging. 

It wasn’t long before I was signing up to semi private training which is amazing value for what you get. 

And I signed up for the nutrition course.


In less than one year, the Healthy Fit team have helped turned my health around. 

My original goal was to be stronger and they have definitely helped me to achieve that, both physically and mentally. 

I am constantly challenged and encouraged to keep going and I am really happy with all the results I am seeing and feeling due to the Healthy Fit’s teams care and attention to me. 

Despite the sometimes loud complaining and whinging that I do during classes or sessions, I love to go to my gym. 

I cannot say enough good things about the team, the classes, the programs and the safe and accepting environment that has been created to work out in. 

It’s really more than a gym. 

I think that the difference is that the team genuinely care about the members. Members are important and are noticed. 

I need to say a special thank you and sorry to Kaan who puts up with my tantrums and tears. 

As much as I hate his two sessions a week, he knows how to the extract the maximum I have to give - and always with a big smile.
— Bianca

I survived cancer…

I really thought I was going to die....not from the cancer but from the chemotherapy. It just got worse and worse. 

I would recover from the first dose and then have a couple of days of feeling ok before being hit again by another dose. It changed my whole life. I couldn’t do anything I used to do and I was literally in bed for months.

I’m still a bit haunted by it, but overcoming the challenge allowed me to see that I can survive almost anything. 

I guess it taught me that all things get better with time. 

I was never going to be on chemo forever, and I remember very clearly the feeling of elation when I had my last dose. 

It is the same as having small children and being sleep deprived.....nothing lasts forever and now that my kids sleep through the night and are relatively easy to look after, I can see that there is always light at the end of the tunnel. 

It is sometimes hard to see it in the moment though!

After I won my battle with cancer, it was time to win my battle with my nutrition. 

I’ve always been the kind of person who found enjoyment in food. 

I like to socialise around food and I also found that I reward myself with food. I am the kind of person who feels punished when I can’t eat what I would like to eat. 

Not only that, I am always thinking about my next meal and what I can eat.

When I started the Nutrition Coaching program with Healthy Fit, my goal was to become the sort of person who doesn’t always think about food.

I wanted to be the type of person who uses food as fuel and finds enjoyment in other ways. 

I wanted to be a role model for my kids and make sure that I didn’t pass on a negative message about food.

Two months in and I’ve already seen a big improvement. Not only have I lost a total of 15cms but my mindset around food has already changed. 

Bring on the next 10 months.
— Amanda

I joined Healthy Fit and it was the best decision I have made.

I needed some encouragement and inspiration to get to the gym and was looking for a place with lots of classes as I am not keen on too much self-directed training.

I have tried nearly all the classes and have enjoyed everyone, from HIIT to BoxIT to Pilates.

One class I find very important for myself as I have lots of nagging joint issues, is the Stretch, Mobility and Strength run by Stefano. It helps me keep up with all the exercise while reducing the pain!

I have met and worked with all the trainers Brigitte, Kaan, Stefano, Eamon, David and have enjoyed training with each of them.

Between my weekly semi-private session and as many group sessions I can fit in (usually 4 to 5), I feel I get my monies worth out of my membership.

I am feeling fitter and stronger, with lots more energy. I would recommend Healthy Fit to anyone who needs encouragement and support with their training.
— Rosie

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Disclaimer:  the testimonials on this page have been written by client’s personal journeys and experience, and may be different to other people’s experience.

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